bojana mladenović



*brat *zhana (closure - opening) *baka duska *ania *tammuz (vaznost etike i da nisam sama u tome +) *mama i tata *dusan *igor (o dasartsu, o direktnom govoru na sceni) *sarah (preznina na drugoj strani violet+razgovori) * Norberto * k.g. *branka *ivana olja miona dragana b (submarine poverenje) *djosa *aleks janeva (korak blize, na minus 20) *willy *rosana *dragana a (poziv za ovce na mesecu I odlazak u holandiju) *bojana k *sanja (3mothers +++ ) *gabriel ibrahim (non imposing sopstene umetnicke prakse) *isidora (brojanje u milosu i pomoc u siji) *ljubisa *lidija pilip (prva ponuda za predstavu) *mark t *pieter t (muzika uz dorucak one piece) *ritsaert (bakine ploce sviranje klavira) svi ucesnici u svim mojim dosadasnjim predstavama sa sopstvenim materijalima *martin n (how are you+ next step) *maud *minna *rebecca *carni *pedja *rodrigo (koraci u tangu) *andrew (razgovori) *janneke *jeda *georgie *dunja *mara *greta *djurdja *petos (farbanje u zlatno) *dejana *igor karakas *ana kostovska *zoltan (duet iz bacanja kocke) *neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar *boban i bane *deki matic *ana v (re-delegating + mailovi) *andreas *udo *koen *vinny *nicole *mette (budzet za nfpk) *baba erna (sviranje klavira)


I am fond of reading acknowledgement and gratitude: dedicated thanking and passionate listing of all the people who in different ways inspire, support or contribute to the book.

Acknowledgement and gratitude is at the same time the embodiment of writer's voice. It is usually the only part in the book personally addressing the reader, because it is in the first place intending to address the people who will find their names in it. By doing so the writer is laying bare before us the volume, the body, the work itself.

I miss those pages in performances. Meager credits in the flyers or programs are not managing to name people rightly, or more precise not managing to name their influence, participation and contribution rightly.

My work is never just mine. Performances need prefaces. It is an opening for what is to come. It is what is to come. Encompassing large volume of words and exchange that preceded what is in the moment being watched or experienced as the performance.

Already for a long time I am obsessed with making a performance that would purely be consisted of tracing and acknowledging everyone who is in one way or the other co-maker of that very performance. 
Since it is one of those lifetime projects, there is not that much time.
I may well start now.

Acknowledgement and gratitude is a hasty ghost hunt and a tender exorcism.


Post scriptum:

1. Where available people's names in this text will be hyperlinked to their websites.

2. I will mention people regardless whether they gave their contribution purposefully for certain project or I collected something from them along the way or they were already active and paid collaborator on the project. It is all of the same importance for this work.

3. I will not mention people who influenced my decisions and made me come to important realizations by their "negative" deeds. I will not thank people who irritate me, piss me off or who consciously or unconsciously try to put obstacles in front of me or in any other way make my solar plexus tremble. Indeed they are also part of this work but credits for what comes out from the interaction with them are solely mine. And this work is not entirely about me.

4. I will slowly build this page, making my way first through the vastitude of post scriptum(s) and explanations.

5. While working online on this page, it will look like a list of people (as a reminder for myself) and more words about their part of the work being gradually added next to their names.

6. The order and dynamics of people appearing on this page will neither be chronological nor by importance. It will be according to the way my memory allows me stroll down it's corridors.

7. I am aware that with this work I want to make myself appear better. It is an exercise I need do.