bojana mladenović


questions/instructions  for Bojana

1 Do you think I can tell from your body that you are in love?

2 How much do you miss Belgrade?

3 Do you feel you know me well?

4 DO what is only necessary and important with the
next minute xxxxxxxxx

5 Can you go to the window and shake your whole
 body for at least 10 seconds? (this is when you had closed cupboard + asked me what I thnk you did?)

6 Are you able to answer me if I asked you something specific about Milosovics and how he impacted your life?

7 Try to get me where it hurts

8 Close your eyes and  go as fast as you can towards audience

now open them and tell me what you see (did you want that 2nd part of the question?)

9 Do you think you have the power in this situation? (so do you want me to give you the power, then?)

10 Do you think you can know if you like someone from the first five minutes of talking to them?

11Explain Serbia.

12 Show us the most vulnerable part of you body and move it around

here are my questions + tasks:

1 what is the drive that brought you to Europe?

2 what makes you flirt

3 do you feel alone in this room?

4 what is the most Canadian thing about you?

could you repeat that while sitting in the lap of
somebody from the audience

5. which part of your body do you like the most (july: here I could say the audience)

6.  choose the spot in the room where you feel the
most yourself
7. shake your body in the same way you imagine i would
do it

8. if you would describe me to somebody, what would
you say?

9. put the wig and wiggle close to the audience and
describe all our actions until now.

what would you rather do than this that you are doing
at the moment

(I would rather be having sex, I thnk we would all rather be having sex)


k.g. Guttman website