norberto llopis segarra





photography by Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker



 What is this object "doing" to me? What does this object "want" from me? What does this object "can" to me?

Stuff is a Performance about the distances between object and subject. Getting away from the purely symbolic side of the objects, we would like to explore the folly of feeling concern by the objects, the folly of feeling traversed by the objects, the folly of being an object, the folly of making connections between objects or between people and the objects.

Jaime thinks that Norberto is a bit “map” , Mari is so “chair”, Jaime always thought he was more “lamp” than he is indeed, Norberto tonight will dance “plant” for us, when she is old Mari wants to be “paperweight”, we all became so “fruit bowl”.


Concept and choreography Norberto Llopis Segarra; co-performance, co-thinking and co-creation Jaime Llopis Segarra and Mari Matre Larsen; Design book and flyer Céline Wouters.
Stuff is a Het Veem Theater production in coproduction with workspacebrussels, supported by WP ZIMMER Antwerp.