norberto llopis segarra







What does it mean to "comply with" or “resist” our memory, or our background? Is fighting a way of “resisting” our memory or rather another way of “obeying” it? Is the “resisting” possible to its full extent or are we always “obeying” our memory in one sense or the other?

Two things fall together in our visual field and they may be connected or disconnected, but for some strange reason they end up making sense.

We are researching friction, void and loss and this leads us to experience the durations and intensities of the sense, the absence, and the imperceptible appearance and disappearance of things.

“Squint” shows us the pleasure of experiencing disappearance on stage. (Norberto Llopis Segarra)

with: Mari Matre Larsen, Lea Martini, Jaime Llopis Segarra, Norberto Llopis Segarra
Co-produced by:
Potsdam Fabriek , WorkSpace Brussels, WP Zimmer, Melkweg theater and Stichting tre tigri.