norberto llopis segarra


what does it mean to drop a chair?

I was wondering what it means to drop a chair, and as I couldn't solve the enigma I decided to take two chairs and drop one over the other, I did it once and I had to admit that it was intense, there was something that I couldn't identify, it was intense but I couldn't still draw any concept from it, or delineate any profile, although I couldn’t say that it was something I did not feel concerned by.


I decided to drop this chair in the worst of the ways, in the way I wouldn't like to see it fall. It was still a very ambiguous scene, it didn’t seem to reveal something concrete to me, although the fact itself is quite concrete.


Maybe somebody witnessing my action could tell me more about what it exactly means to drop a chair. I ask somebody to look while I execute my action, and afterwards I ask – what do you think it means exactly? - “I don’t know for sure, but in a moment I thought that it could be an act of terrorism, or maybe a self-provocation, what Freud would call an impulse of death, or maybe you are just experiencing these intensities that you don’t dare to experience yourself. It could also be an act of loss of control, yes, like a dice roll, you are just waiting to see what happens, where do the chairs end up, in which position.”

Then I change my gaze, I decide not to look at the object, I look at the eyes of this person while I am executing my action, the sensation is totally different for me, as if I am trying to disturb a certain relation that we where having, I say - what do you think? – “I don’t know; it was like a passional reaction, like an act of self-immunity, a stoic act of invulnerable passion, you are trying to prove that nothing can disturb us.”

But this doesn’t still mean so much.
So we decide to call some friends and together throw all kind of stuff , taking very good care not to choose objects for their symbolic implications. Obviously this is not the way we want to signify. We start dropping objects without any apparent order and it is quite similar to a group of young rebels without a real goal, but with this innocence that characterizes unconsciousness. Passion, insubordination, it is a real waste of energy, a great movement of display, a playground of chaos. We are playing a lack of control.



We decide to organize ourselves a little bit more in this activity, so we don’t waste as much energy as we were doing so far, but this economy of effort , changes the character of the whole picture, we could be the civil servants of a nihilistic, self-destroying society, a society that destroys under the law of the minimum effort.


A lot of people enjoy all this display of energy, all this profusion of speeds and intensities , but the occasional soft emergency of bad meanings doesn’t allow us to enjoy such an insane joy, it is a monstrous machine - what does it exactly mean to drop a chair ? is it an act of passion? a self-destructive gesture? a rebellion ? a dice roll ? an act of desinhibition ? a proof of immunity? A society of destruction? To drop a chair means very little but does a lot of things.