sarah van lamsweerde



I haven’t seen you in a long time. Are you all right?



What did you do last weekend?

You look tired.



George Michael. Are you still listening to that?



What is your work all about?



Wouldn’t you say that was a waste of time?



Is that something you were born with?




It seems you have lost it do you feel?





What will you do if you don’t have the money?



What happened to your hair?


Shouldn’t you be emphasizing safety now, instead of these experiments which you talk about?


When did you stop cheating on your income tax forms?



Do you’re parents know that you’re a porn actress?



Which of you decided to split up?



I mean – didn’t you expect that, when you had to pay that much money in advance, that there was something strange going on?


I have the feeling you are not getting the point.


Do you have anything to say to me?

Was this your idea?



Congratulations! How long has it been?


Were you really expecting to learn anything when you signed up for this?




What is it like, now that you are by yourself?


How is it going with that plan you had?

Are you still lending money from your friends?

What are you trying to do?




If this is too much for you, just tell me.


Will that be cash or charge?


Do you regret what you did?


Have you started too feed your cats again?



did I do that? - svanlamsweerde - 29/06/06