sarah van lamsweerde


With Guest Appearances By...


The performance-installation With Guest Appearances By... is a portrait gallery of some sorts. There is a group of performers, representing an old family picture. And there is a group of spectators, passing through that same picture, catching its thoughts and slowly getting immersed in the exploded view of a frozen moment. The voice over was created with the performers and explores the physicality of memory: if we took the same body posture as the persons on the photo, would we have the same thoughts? A coproduction of Dasarts, Zeebelt (The Hague) and Het Veem (Amsterdam) 2008.

Letter from a spectator (english) here

Review (dutch) here

    With Guest Appearances By...   Photo: Guus Rijven

A Dasarts Final project in coproduction with Zeebelt, Den Haag.

This performance will be shown again as part of Portrait Trilogy in Something Raw, October 2013, Amsterdam