sarah van lamsweerde



In the beginning of 2009, I started up a financial thinktank called A Penny For Your Thoughts. It is an attempt to give people an alternative for the thoughtless circulation of money. After a one-on-one intake in a special booth, a minimal sum can be obtained to transfer thoughts to the bank account of another person or an institution of choice. Thus, personal thoughts about the financial crisis can circulate within the banking system itself. This is an ongoing project, first launched at Club Interbellum's Great Recession Party.

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  A Penny For Your Thoughts - Bonnenfanten Museum Maastricht

March 7th 2009 De Balie Amsterdam

March 26th 2009 Bonnenfanten Museum Maastricht

September 25th and 26th Armut Macht Geil WEI/TAC Eindhoven