sarah van lamsweerde



      'Victory garden' in a bombcrater, Londen, 1943 - research documentation Agripuncture/Georgic Gardens - ⊄ Public Domain


 Sightless Seeing - inside A&A (2018) performance FLAM Encounters, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam © Thomas Lenden - more images HERE


        Esther Mugambi in Paper is a leaf that will destroy us in its fall (performance, 2015) Veem House for Performance


      Instant Fiction (2011-2019) City:Land at Muntpunt Brussel 2018 - see video HERE


          Cast Witnesses (2016/17) performance, Playground Leuven, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam © Ernst van Deursen - see video teaser HERE


          Cast Witnesses (2017) video, kleur, 24 min premiere Beursschouwburg Brussel -see videotrailer HERE


               Tessels Oogh (2017) performance, Nachtelijke Dwaling #11, Oude Kerk Amsterdam © Maarten Nauw


            Sightless Seeing -  Rembrandtpark (2014) test-tour, Amsterdam © S v Lamsweerde


         Shrink the World (2013) installatie, publicatie, performance, festivalbeeld Performatik Brussel © S v Lamsweerde
        Tell/Sell, a common story (2014-19) performance/installation, de Appel Arts Centre Amsterdam - see video excerpts HERE


                80 Words (2012) performance, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam © Pj van Popta - see videotrailer HERE