norberto llopis segarra


All things; archeology of a space object



I began this project with an assumption: «time is not innocent», and I will do everything in my power to convince you of this.

It all began the day I entered a supermarket and saw a «deodorant for babies» for the first time in my life. In that moment, I realised that I was a “deodorant for babies” myself and therefore that time was also a deodorant for babies.

In this piece, time won’t be understood as a line, as that universal form of succession. Time is a construction, a complex made of temporalities, a human object, that is why we say - Time is not innocent-, -space is an object-, because we don’t believe in an abstract unified form of time and space, we believe in the formation of times and spaces as a formation made out of all things. All things perform at ones in the formation of times and spaces.

Things fragment time; they make segments, things appropriate time and space into the territories they are made for. In All Things I cut time as things invite me to do: we kill time, we procrastinate, we jump from time to time, we “crisis” time, we value and devalue time, we make time disappear, we sell time... All Things is about all the different ways we feel the urge to territorialize time and space. Because Time and space are also politics, time and space are not innocent and of course they aren’t natural either.

-I would like to have the value of an empty plastic bottle, I could have the value of an empty plastic bottle, which is probably less than the 25 cents it costs, but still independent of the material cost.-


Concept, Choreograpjy and performance Norberto Llopis Segarra
Advice Julien Bruneau and Bojan Djordjev.
All Things; archeolog y of a space object is a Het Veem Theater production in coproduction with workspacebrussels and Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk. All Things; archeology of a space object is part of the Life Long Burning (LLB) project, supported by the cultural program of the European Union.