sarah van lamsweerde








The formal idea for the Tense Present drafts was borrowed from a classic classroom trade, in which brown rubber bands get stretched over school benches to create 'invisible' texts for cribs or secret messages.

In a conversation about showing work together for the performance programme at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, artist Janneke Raaphorst and I talked about the link between the form of elastics bands and elliptical narratives in writing and filmmaking. Contrary to what the shape might indicate, elliptical editing does not refer to a type of circular storytelling, but to extremely economical uses of time or text, where only the very essential words or moments are retained. In my mind these associations on elliptical forms and obscurity of language started to overlap with current issues of freedom of speech and censorship.

For the prototypes shown here, I was inspired by the Dutch word ‘spandoek’, which in English could be translated as “expansion cloth” or “spread sheet”. The slogans come from banners confiscated during various protests around the world.

Curated by Dorothé Orzyck for Ellen de Bruijne Projects