sarah van lamsweerde


Tell/Sell, a common story - performance, installation

This work is concerned with the found, fictional or factual narratives around art objects. Taking the form of a classical art auction - as opposed to a conventional art piece - a story about a particular artwork is sold to willing bidders, word by word, before it is told as part of a narrative whole. The audience in attendance blindly shapes the tale, through the frame of their own consuming desires, in advance of the story being spilled. As a result, the work of art is not owned by one, but several persons.

"Tell/Sell, a common story" is a performance work created in collaboration with Esther Mugambi, which was originally commissioned by Ellen de Bruijne Projects in the frame of their Performance Programme in January/February 2014.

The work was selected to be part of the group show "Father, can't you see I'm burning" at de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam. The project was shown as an installation throughout the time of the exhibition and activated during the public programmes. Opening April 25th 2014; exhibition on view until June 15; public programme on the 3rd & 15 of May and on the 15th of June 2014.

Upcoming auction: ISELP Brussels, Waterloo Boulevard 31, October 7th as part of the exhibition # INSTITUT: Table of Content. Installation on view till October 31st 2016.

Thanks to Dorothé Orczyk, Angela Lidderdale, Zhana Ivanova and Frides Laméris Art and Antiques.