sarah van lamsweerde




Performance - installation







photos: JP van Popta

 An audience of 80 people enter the space and take their seats in the tribune. The room is dark, and the performance space is empty, except for an image projected onto the floor of the performance space, stretched out and blurry.

Each audience member finds on their seat a small card with some printed text on it.

Two performers begin to bring boxes of various sizes into the performance area, placing them on a line parallel to the front of the tribune.
Over the 35 minutes of the performance, the performers build a wall of boxes onto which the projection image comes into focus, revealing a large photograph portraying approximately 80 people, gathered on the face of a rock, and in some way mirroring the audience in the tribune.

For the whole duration of the performance, a sound score is sometimes more and sometimes less audible. When the wall is fully built, sound and image culminate in a brief sequence of events: the projection zooms into the picture, exploring it in detail, while voices from archival footage join in a foreign prayer. Eventually the projection is cut entirely, leaving only the wall of white boxes remaining.

There is a working table in the space, at one side, where the two performers refer to maps & drawings, to follow building the wall in a specific way. There are also two ladders in the space, as when the wall is high enough, the performers use the ladders to place the final boxes at the upper heights.

Concept: Sarah van Lamsweerde
Advice: Norberto Llopis Segarra
performers: Norberto Llopis Segarra and Sonja Jokiniemi
soundtrack: Piet-Jan van Rossum

Premiered at Het Veem Theater, October 2011 as art of the Tre Tigri event ''Social Life and other Scenarios'

Presented as part of Three Portaits trilogy during Something Raw Festival 2013