sarah van lamsweerde

Shrink The World - installation / calendar / performance
  'Shrink The World' - stopmotion video. Performatik / Beurschouwburg Brussels

Struck by a series of heartbreaks, my spring of 2007 was spent tattooing the world map on apples. More than expecting this ritual to make the world shrink, I hoped that this form of manual therapy would cure my distant lovesickness.

In our current times of crisis, perforating apples may remind us of bigger, more global problems. To document this shift of perspective, the 'homework' was translated to a number of more public works in different forms and media. The works were shown on various locations of Performatik, the Brussels biennial for performance art festival: Kaaitheater, Kaaistudio's, Centrale, Argos and Beursschouwburg, February 22 - March 2 2013.

'Shrink The World', performance detail. Performatik / Kaaitheater, Brussels


 'Shrink The World' © Sarah van Lamsweerde


'Shrink The World' - calendar. Graphic design: Céline Wouters, published by Tre Tigri

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