sarah van lamsweerde


H E Y  P E A R

A little ode to letters, lights and love spells

In Paul Auster’s ‘The Music of Chance’, the lottery-winning accountant Flower describes his special connection with figures - figures that determined his life - “Numbers have souls, and you can't help but get involved with them in a personal way.”

The amount of time spent with texts and translations have probably deformed my relationship to letters and words in a similar way. John Searle’s essays on speech acts seem like poetry to me; I have trouble erasing text messages, fearing the effect this might have on the physical world. 

The letters in this interactive installation come from an obsolete advertisement system called “Fluolet”.  The words that light up are fragments from text messages I received. The tube lights equipped with movement sensors, causing the light to flicker on when a person approaches.     H E Y P E A R was commissioned by Het Veem for their opening exhibition themed “Love Letters”.The messages were placed along the building’s stairway.