sarah van lamsweerde


 Mezze Talks

Mezze Talk 18/10/10 Crying Machine                                                                   Foto JePe van Popta

Beween October 2011 and January 2013, I moderated the Mezze Talks, a format conceived and worked out in collaboration with Het Veem Theater.

Giving feedback right after a show is not always easy. Thoughts haven't quite crystallized, the premiere vibe asks for celebration, makers and spectators are not familiar with each other, etc. A Mezze Talk is a chance to exchange thoughts about a performance a few days after seeing it, in a relaxed atmosphere. 'Mezze' are small, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appetizers, served with or without a drink. All the Mezze Talks are organized around productions by emerging makers at Het Veem Theater.

In order to contribute to a lively exchange and informal atmosphere, the guest list for the Mezze Talks is very mixed: colleagues, ‘normal’ audience, friends, programmers, family and/or kindred artists gather around a table full of fine bites and drinks to share personal impressions of the work they saw.


At the end of the first year, a Mezze Magazine was published to share some of the thoughts and experiences with a greater audience. Concept, editor: Sarah van Lamsweerde. Graphic Design: Angela Lidderdale. Click here to see an impression of the Mezze Magazine

Mezze Talks continue and are now hosted by Janneke Raaphorst.

More info on Mezze Talks on Het Veem Theater's webpages.