sarah van lamsweerde


Instant Fiction

Real-time video installation     

Instant Fiction is a live video installation, set in a public meeting place such as a bar, a hotel lobby or a mall coffeeshop. Much like a classic surveillance situation, a closed circuit television system records and displays all that happens in the space - people talking, drinking, sitting together, laughing, staring out the window or reading the newspaper. The only difference is that now, the real-time images are subtitled. Texts from an unknown film appear on the screen, turning a perfectly normal situation into a set with accidental actors.

Instant Fiction was commissioned by the ANTI-Festival in Kuopio, Finland. For the first Dutch presentation, a site-specific version was created for ZAAL5 /Filmhuis Den Haag in June 2011. Further version were made for the Something Raw Festival in Amsterdam (2012), Festival Incubate (2012), the Recyclart Art Center for Nuit Blanche Brussels (2012), Dampfzentrale in Bern (2013) etc.

Other dates: STUK LEUVEN, STUKSTART, SEPTEMBER 25th - 27th 2013; OPENING NEW NATLAB / PLAZA EINDHOVEN - 24th - 26th of OCTOBER 2013; FILM FEST Gent @ VOORUIT 22-25 OCT 2014