norberto llopis segarra


‘Now Or Never’ – installation performance.

An installation performance evolving in a seven weeks time span.




SMBA, photo Reyn van Koolwijk


A dancer and an actress meet once a week and perform intimacy, as it constructs their relationship. They suggest a series of images discussing archetypical love-relationship issues. Every meeting adds a new layer of information; another shared moment to the collection. The ‘practical sensuality’ of their bodies is being explored in its ephemeral facet. The installation becomes a gathering of traces from every performance.

Actress Anat stainberg and dancer Norberto Llopis Segarra, both extremely shy people expose their subjectivity to the extreme, so much it becomes universal.

Their intimate ‘dialogue’ is captured with video camera and sound recording devices and becomes documentation of their ‘living room’ privet history. The documented material is presented while the performance is taking place, adding layers and changing meaning.

Using abstract physicality as well as simple privet actions and motivations, the performers explore the imagery their meeting results. And as they look for the ‘drama of the form’ they de-mystify familiar bourgeoisie images.

Trying to find a way to communicate through physical barriers and misunderstandings, they explore new ways to ‘be together’ in one space.

‘Now Or Never’ premiered in the Kunstvlaai 6, an Art fair Amsterdam May 06.

Exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam September October 06.