norberto llopis segarra




When knowing is not any more a tool to understand reality, When reality becomes rather a tool to create knowledge, the instance where all our conceptions get representation.




J. Locke made a difference between “nominal essence” and “real essence” , by naming an object we are not knowing the object but its “nominal essence” which could be related with its “formal essence” . but the real essence is unintelligible rationally.

how to put something in stage that doesn’t produce language, that doesn’t represent anything at all? in this piece we deliberately denied any “nominal essence”, as an act of nostalgia of certain reality, of a reality that is not even the one of the facts





if you take a word and you cut it in the middle, it will change into something else or disappear completely, if you take a piece of material and you cut it, it will continue being what it was, but even more apparent now, because the empty space between the two parts is pointing to the material, and the absence of the little piece of material that was cut off remains for a while in the material that is left.


Non logical implication. Elimination of any cause. Reality. Multiplicity. Potenciality. Discontinuity. Ghosts. Spaces.



 photography Rodrigo Pardo


Materia Potency. Ghosts

Final project of DasArts